About Ferdz

My name is Ferdz Almarines, and I am a Digital Artist. I was born in Manila Philippines and I grew up here  in Vancouver Canada. I Specialize in Concept Art Character modeling, 3D Sculpting, Texturing and Rendering. I've always enjoyed making sketches, creating my own characters in 2D and translate it into 3D. I decided to get into artistic world of 3D to see how I can improve my skills by bringing my 2D art into life, the more I learned about 3D the more I realized that it can potentially become a powerful toolset in time and in productive value.

After learning 3D Animation and Visual Effect at Vancouver Film School ( VFS ) I began to understand the capabilities that an artist can do with 3D. But at the end of the day I was still more interested in working together with 2D and 3D at which lead me to a character designer and 3D modeler.

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